The area code for Campo Limpo Paulista-SP Brazil is 11

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The area code for Campo Limpo Paulista-SP Brazil is:


To call from any country except Brazil to Campo Limpo Paulista Brazil, just dial the folowing sequency:

+55 + 11 + phone number


  •   + is your country exit code to call abroad. Example: 011 for US, 00 for United Kingdom , and so on.
  •   55 is international calling code for Brazil
  •   11 is the area code in which Campo Limpo Paulista is located
  •   Phone number is an:
    •   eight digits number for a fixed line, or a
    •   nine digits number for a cell phone


Supose you are in USA and want to call the cell phone number 984558899 located in Campo Limpo Paulista in the brazilian state of São Paulo (SP), just dial:
Please, do not dial the dots (.)

Area codes in Brazil

To learn how to call to a brazilian city you need to know the country code and the area code of the city so you can correctly make the call. This code is known in Brazil as DDD. DDD stands for "Direct Dial Distance". Through this code was possible to automate the long-distance calls to a remote past were carried out by telephone operators.

The phone companies (then Telebras and Embratel) distributed the DDD codes of Brazil in accordance with the expectation of number of telephone lines that each region / state / city owned by population, economic activity etc.

It is for this reason that there are states such as Alagoas that has only one area code while others such as Minas Gerais have more telephone codes. Note that if someone asks what is the DDD of Pernambuco, will have more than one answer, because that state has more than one area code number. When the state has more than one area code is hard to know what code to use to call to a particular city of that state.

So, our website offers the dial code list of all Brazilian cities.

Brazilian Area Code 11 Cities